Saturday, July 03, 2021

SMR 202103

 I've been waiting for today for SIX MONTHS!

I drove my trusty pickup to The Church to start the ride.

My knee is still a little unstable and a little painful and a little stiff and a little swollen. It's time to quit using that as an excuse not to ride, and start using it as an excuse for being slow and not doing the Summit.

Started off kind of windy but it was calm and sunny after a couple miles. Lots of riders enjoying The Mountain... does a body good.

I stopped a couple times to rest and stretch, but I was pretty sure I could make Junction if I didn't get too stiff and achy - the rest stops helped with that.

Am I ready for this?

The bike rack is back!  Benches are still gone though.

The knee stabilizer thing seems to help.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray! You’re ba-a-a-c-k!
Wishing you continuing progress in your recovery and to The Summit!!!