Wednesday, July 21, 2021

2021 Wednesday Junction No 2 since patella fracture.

 Charlie had to cancel so it was just me and JB again.  And it was hot. I drove to the church and unloaded. I'm so far out of practice that I forgot my bikecam, so you get a plain old cell phone selfie:

Ewww, what is going on with my neck? 
Looks like the coin slot in a vending machine!
I'm going to say it was heat-related. 
I do follow good neck skin hygiene.

My plan was just to do Junction again, I had neither the endurance, strength, or time to do any more.  Good thing too, because I was SLOW.  Also had to stop twice again for a stretch break... pretty much the same places as last time.  I guess my next goal will be to make it to Junction without stopping but I still can't climb out of the saddle and I have a long ways to go fitness-wise.

Met a guy at Junction who was doing repeats up The Mountain - I said something about how that must be because he couldn't do The Death Ride because it was cancelled for a big fire, and he WAS registered and stayed overnight in Kirkwood when he got the word that they were evacuating Alpine County.

Not a lot of riders this afternoon, but they all gave me a wave.  ✋✋

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