Thursday, March 31, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 21 - Wednesday Junction

Now that Daylight Wasting Time is over, we might start riding later in the day on Wednesdays, so more folks can come.

I dressed perfectly for the weather today... and I was still slow.

I forgot to do my knee prep though - ibuprofen, Icy Hot, Voltaren, and BioFreeze. Now I have proof that all that stuff works, because today I didn't have it and the knee was complaining all the way up.

Charlie signed up for some kind of saddle subscription, so for one price he gets to try as many as he wants and then they give him a discount on whichever one he buys. They have some pretty interesting designs now... but I like the old classic style the best and I'm happy they work for me.

They're saying that rain we had Monday will be the last of it, so The Mountain is going to start losing her verdancy. The poppies will probably be gone in a couple weeks too. So be it, I'm ready for the heat.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 20 - Saturday Junction

I didn't trust the morning to warm up, so I wore a winter jersey and then it did warm up and I was too hot. 

Two weeks since my last Junction - let me think... work, rain, work... three Diablo Days ruined.

OK, time to say it - the surface condition of North Gate Road is terrible. Way past time to repave... gas taxes are up so there should be some pocket change in the State budget for a truckload of asphalt and a paving crew.

Those two weeks without riding really did a number on my fitness - I was pushing hard and going slow.  I've decided to call that a rest phase and now I'm back into my training plan - to ride faster.

My bike was making a strange clicking noise on the descent... almost sounded like a rock in my tire that clicked every revolution... I'm hoping it's not a frame crack or something serious... nah, it was the same frequency as the wheel RPM I think.

We see this runner guy a lot - he arrived at Junction before I turned down, so he's serious.

This dude was out to prove that you can still have fun even on an electric bike if it's on Diablo.

Contrary to popular legend - it is permissible for California Residents to pick one poppy per day.

My neighbor Mark gave me a wave on his way up.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 19 - Saturday Junction

Really nice and warm - no tights or arm warmers. Felt like I could've done a Juniper today, but too much other stuff going on.

JB was kind of late at The Gate so I started up with regular rider Kasters; he is originally from Belarus and had some interesting perspective on the Russian hostilities... doesn't think sanctions will work.  He said his daughter is a US citizen but was in Prague when COVID broke out and she couldn't get home even though she was pregnant and his grandson was born in Prague and then couldn't get a US passport... what a mess. Then he said his father died of COVID in a nursing home in Florida so he had lots of stories. Also I noticed he wasn't riding in his usual sandals and he said he had some kind of foot injury and couldn't ride in sandals anymore.  He also said he recently put on a rear blinkie light and he thinks the cars are passing him wider than they used to. Then we discussed knees and joint injuries and bicycle repairs. Then his daughter called his cell phone so he pulled off.

I didn't see JB until Junction but he said I was in his sights when we started off - he just never caught up to us.

I met a guy named Dan at Junction and we were both wearing our Cal jerseys and he gladly posed for a double Cal Jersey Autoblog, but I musta not had my camera on, so my readers will have to imagine the awesomeness that such a photo woulda presented.

Also there was a guy with a Ukraine bicycle jersey at Junction - I didn't talk with him but lots of other people were expressing their solidarity and concern; his family was from Ukraine and he bought the jersey on a trip to Ukraine a while back. It looked like the jersey that the national team wears to the World Championship events.

And finally there was another guy at Junction who rode up with his dog in a trailer.

The poppies are still blooming and The Mountain is full of life and color.

Kasters.  I don't know what he keeps in those panniers.

I figured this rider was Dutch because she was tall, blonde, and had an orange jersey.

Electric handcycle guy rode circles around me.

Dutch lady rode circles around me too, except even faster.

Dog trailer guy.

Slava Ukraina

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 18 - Wednesday Junction

Last WNR of Daylight Wasting Time.  Might start going later so we can pick up some folks from the working world. Today it was me and JB and Charlie.  

Usually I gauge my effort on how long I can keep up with Charlie; today it was just under three miles when the gap was too big to deny.  But THEN... Charlie got a flat tire so I attacked and was the first to Junction!  An empty victory is still one in the win column.  Also, Charlie's going on vacation for a couple weeks so maybe he'll be slower when he gets back and I'll be faster.

Nice cool breeze and tall palm trees I tell you life don't get much betta.

Conservation Corps keeping our Mountain beautiful and safe.

Fancy car parade.

Son of Chainbuster

March Selfie

Personal note:  Sunday we brought home a rescue kitten named IKO... he's fitting in real nice.

Saturday, March 05, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 17 - Saturday Junction

Well it was colder than I thought it was going to be, and I got going a little late, and I didn't feel all that great... but a ride's a ride. 

I'm still looking forward to riding my Klein - the fair-weather bike with the more modern components, more competitive gearing, and road bike pedals; and riding from home, by the Solstice... I better get busy.  Charlie's out for a couple weeks so maybe he'll be slower when he comes back and maybe I'll be faster and I can keep up with him.