Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 SMR 15

TODAY is the Devil Mountain Double, and we saw quite a few of those intrepid pedallers coming down NGR.

Passed'em : Passed me ratio - 1:1

Sometimes folks joke about recumbent riders... but if you
ride the DMD on one, you get a big Diablo Salute from me.

Talked to a guy at Junction who used to ride with Cunningham, Fisher, and Breeze in the incipient days of mountain biking in Marin County... he had some good stories.

This was the biggest group of riders I've
ever seen going up The Mountain.  Most had matching
but I didn't recognize it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 WNR 03

Just me and Tall Charlie today.

Kind of windy at the lower elevations.  Charlie set a hard pace the first 4 segments and had me breathing hard but then he faded.

Some cows escaped above Diablo Ranch.  There were about a dozen humans on foot trying to round up the errant bovines while we were ascending.  Then on the way down they had mostly succeeded in herding the beefalo back down but they were causing somewhat of a traffic jam.

Time trial guy passes us at the bottom of The Bump
"You guys seen any loose cows?"

Who let the cows out... MOO MOO

Monday, April 22, 2013

Charity Ride Sponsorship Request

Ever hear of Friedreich's Ataxia? 

I hadn't until I met Kyle Bryant.  He used to work for my company in our Sacrameto offfice.  I don't know him well enough to call him a friend, but I've met him a few times and I've watched his disease progress, and he's the kind of inspirational guy who makes you ask your family, friends, and blog readers to make a donation.  Kyle is now a spokesperson for the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance, and organizer of the series of charity rides like the one I'm doing in Davis on June 1.

F.A. is an insidious genetic disorder that slowly but relentlessly takes away your coordination, your ability to speak, your sight, and your hearing... and THEN you get diabetes, scoliosis, and heart disease. 

Now I could post some lugubrious videos here showing kids who are losing their ability to walk, teenagers who went from running hurdles to hobbling on crutches, and adults who have to worry that their hearts and lungs will just stop because of this disease... but instead, I found this one of Kyle that shows the guy I know - a man with absolutely zero self-pity:

My Donation Page:  LINK  (I put one of those tear-jerker videos there in case you need a little arm-twisting).  When you click on the donation link, you'll see this:

Now I hate how they make it look like a $500 donation is realistic, and a $50 donation isn't REALLY REALLY generous, but the webmaster  didn't consult me.  My idea of a magnanimous gesture is to skip one lunch at your regular lunch place and donate the amount you would've spent to a cause that someone cares about enough to ask you to.  So don't be shy about clicking the OTHER AMOUNT circle.

One really interesting thing about F.A. is that they know EXACTLY what causes it... the exact genetic error and exactly which genes are involved and exactly where they're located on the genetic map.  But they don't know how to "patch" the genetic mistake, or counter-act the effects.  So this disease that only affects one in 50,000 people gets a lot of interest from medical researchers because there's a real chance that they could figure it out, and when they do they could apply that knowledge to other similar conditions (like ALS) that affect larger numbers of people.  You can share in a little of that triumphant discovery by offering your lunch money to the cause.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

2013 SMR 14

Devil Mountain Double was today - most of the fast guys were already gone but we got to see quite a few finishing their Diablo segment.  Chapeau to everyone who finished the most awesome double century in the USA.

edit - anonymous poster tells me today was the staff ride and the actual DMD is next week.  I guess I was fooled by the DMD rest stop at the church and the red numbers on the riders' backs.  Still... I should know about that kind of stuff.  Actual DMD is on Saturday, and the ATOC Etape de Tour is on Sunday so lots of Diablo riders next weekend.

JB uses the stopwatch function on his Blackberry
instead of a cyclocomputer.

Some guy who just happened to ride into a nice
natural frame behind me.

Wildlife Encounter:  a bunny.

That's some blue sky right there.

The green phase has passed.

The wind was really stiff up above 1,000 feet or so.  Put your head down and grind is about all you could do.

Perhaps the DMD caboose. 

I don't know this guy, but I think he was posing for my seatstay cam.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 WNR 02

Whole slew of folks from work today.

Charlie with his new 65cm Zinn-Designed KHS with the 200mm cranks and Chris King hubs.

Seppi (who's running the SF Marathon in a couple months) with his new 62cm Trek.

Deanna who's doing the AIDS ride with her new Performance carbon-fiber bike.

Kevin, Ed, JB, and me.

Pretty warm for April... I thought about friends in Minnesota who are looking at blizzard warnings.

Wildlife Encounter:  Coyotes howling at Junction.
Oddball Observation:  Bagpiper guy in the usual place.
Roadkill Report:  Snakes and lizards.

Not as many folks on the Mountain as I would've expected though... wonder where they all went?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 SMR 13

Man, off the bike for two weeks and I felt too weak.

Nice day, shorts and a windbreaker.

Mountain's starting to go brown already.

Missed Wednesday and Saturday for a business trip.  Then missed another Wednesday for being sick.

Folks at work are getting excited about Wednesday night rides again.

Junction and back home to plow the back forty.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Please sponsor me in the *Ride for a Good Cause*

I've done a bunch of charity rides in my time, but this one really has me excited.

Click HERE to sponsor me!  Every dollar counts.

You can feel good about your contribution because it's going to a good cause!

These folks really know how to put on a ride.

My sponsors are the greatest!

Help me reach my goal of Gold Level participant

Gold Level Fundraisers get to meet celebrity spokesperson 

FLO from Progressive in the after-ride party.

And all contributors get this complimentary bumper sticker.

More information HERE: