Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Wednesday Bump Repeats

Beautiful weather but kind of hazy and poor air quality. It was WARM; I took off my arm warmers about Mile 1.

I put new brake pads on the rear of Eddy... worked good.  I should probably do more maintenance and cleaning.

Charlie hurt himself and JB had a doctor appointment so I set off with the objective of maximizing my Legend of The Bump points... 71 Bump in the last 90 days.  I told the Strava folks that the rolling 90-day thing was a good idea, but there should also be a "Legend of All Time" category; you know, so it can be me.

Saw JB later on his way to Junction.

Saw a tow truck going up too, then heard that a well-known cyclist got hit by a car in the wrong lane - not sure if that was related.

I got my pickup fixed last week so it's purring like a puppy. Left my work phone in the truck and when I got back from the ride, I had an "urgent" message from the boss. So I called him back and then I called a new client and got a new project going. That worked out really well.

There's like 6 versions of these brake pads... the mechanic at Sports Basement recommended these.

Not much left there!

OK, solo breakaway success.

There's that haze.

Grass could be a little greener, sky could be a little bluer.

Hey, a Rivendell!

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