Saturday, August 08, 2020

2020 SMR 25

Injury recovery update:  a little better than last week.

REALLY nice weather today, light breeze, warm not hot, but a little smoggy.

JB and I both noticed that the traffic counting hoses were gone, but then on the way down there were two or three different places where they had FOUR hoses in a row... I have no idea what that's for... could be a Russian disinformation conspiracy.

At The Wall, I tried to ride through the bypass but didn't make it and sort of fell over into the bush and I actually got BLOOD on my arm... didn't hurt, just embarrassing, but I might stop trying.  I think my success rate is about 65%.

I've seen this guy with the magnesium Zinn a few times before. Interesting bike.

This couple had "his n hers" Pinarellos.  

Hey look at this - my commuter bike helmet has a crack!  I bought this helmet right after my #PelvisCracker incident at the roundabout in 2014... I remember because I cracked the helmet I was wearing at the time. Then a few years ago I bought my MIPS helmet for Diablo rides and rotated this ATMOS down to commuter service. My MIPS helmet is still in really good shape - too soon to put it into commuter service but I found another old helmet with a date sticker from 2004 that I had been keeping around for a loaner or something so I dusted it off and will be using it until I can justify a new Diablo helmet.  I figure 5 years of Diablo rides plus 5 years of commuting is the life span of a helmet... unless it cracks. A 16-year old helmet though is a little dodgy so I'm gonna keep an eye on it.

Here's me in my 2004 helmet in 2008, from this 2008 blog entry:

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