Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2020 SMR 24

Injury Update:  same as Wednesday.

Had a call with Colonel Al yesterday and he said the Park will be putting in  FOUR NEW BIKE TURNOUT LANES!  These are four of the most dangerous places on The Mountain - the places where cars make stupid passes, this will be a big advance in safety.  Check out the GoogleMap Links, Number 3 is Clavicle Cracker!

Mount Diablo State Park Bike Turnout Project Locations

#1: Southgate Road (Approximately 1.72 miles from the Southgate Entrance) 
GoogleMap 1 Link

#2: Summit Road (Approximately 3.5 miles from the Junction Ranger Station) 
GoogleMap 2 Link

#3: Northgate Road (Approximately 4.34 miles from the Northgate Entrance) 
GoogleMap 3 Link

#4: Southgate Road (Approximately 3.88 miles from the Southgate Entrance) 
GoogleMap 4 Link

Al didn't know what the traffic survey was about, but he did say the Park has to do these every so often just for state law like any other roads. He also said there's a lot of South Gate drivers that go to the neighborhoods or the school and don't make continue up so the Park staff might want to know that.  I decided to document the placement of these things with photos and captions in MY BLOG WHERE FREE SPEECH IS TREATED WITH REVERENCE!  The single tube installations only count vehicles, and the dual-tube installations count vehicles and measure speed. Some of the manufacturers claim they can tell the difference between cars and trucks, and some of them claim to be able to detect bicycles, I'm investigating those claims, standby for my expert report.

Saw Al at Junction. He was riding with Jeff who is also interested in cycling safety improvements... chins were wagged.

This guy had a cool bike, looked custom. He passed us too fast for me to get a good look at it though.

North Gate air tube #1 - Single tube installation, 1.7 miles from The Gate.  Moss Landing.
HEY - this was a dual tube installation on Wednesday!

North Gate air tube #2 - Single tube installation, 2.7 miles from The Gate.  Last Chance to Breathe.

I like green bikes, this guy merits a photo.

North Gate air tube #3 - Dual tube installation, 3.6 miles from The Gate.  Retaining Wall.

Al says if the road totally fails the Park can get emergency repair money, but if it just cracks and sags nobody will pay.

North Gate air tube #4 - Dual tube installation, 6.4 miles from The Gate.  Junction

These things work by air pressure flipping a switch inside this box. when a tire goes over the hose.  JB and I reminisced about running over these things on our bikes at gas stations when we were kids to make the bell ring. In our experience... less than 50% success rate.

Summit Road air tube #1 - Dual tube installation, 0.5 miles up from Junction.

Summit Road air tube #2 - Single tube installation, 1.5 miles up from Junction. Blue Oak.

OH LOOK! A company and phone number!

Quality Counts  Interesting info there, I'll be perusing.

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