Wednesday, July 15, 2020

2020 WNR 20

Wildlife Encounter: lots of deer.

I had a spine X-ray in the morning and some work stuff in the early afternoon so I didn't get to The Gate until 4PM.

Got passed multiple times by the same two guys doing intervals a Mike's Bikes guy and an orange jersey guy, not sure if they were together; all's cool, but when I do intervals I just slow down, not turn around, this results in fewer pass backs... don't want anybody to think I'm rubbing their noses in it.

94°F at Junction - didn't feel that hot.

Felt pretty good, still plenty of back pain, but cycling doesn't seem to make it any worse. 

I was on a 42m Junction pace for the first three segments, then I faded and finished with 48m; my fourth best time of the year.  It appears my fitness is returning one segment at a time and I should be recovered enough for a full on effort by the end of August.

Mike's Bikes interval guy, first pass at Moss Landing

Orange jersey interval guy salutes me with the two-finger wave en passant.

A nice smile to finish the ride with.

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