Wednesday, July 08, 2020

2020 WNR 19

Again with the morning Wednesday Night Ride.  This works out pretty well; sunny but not too warm, not too windy, not too crowded.  I felt good, but not strong, I think I'm 1% better every day, so optimal fitness is a couple weeks away yet.

Wildlife Encounter:  turkeys and a hawk.

In case you didn't hear, there was a car that rolled off the road and down the side of The Mountain on Summit Road between Muir and Elbow.  Driver died but they think she was trying to park on the shoulder and the ground gave way underneath.

Charlie says that his wife likes that he rides Diablo with a buddy just in case... wives worry too much, but riding with a buddy has lots of other benefits as well.  Then Charlie apologized because he was wearing the bike shorts that make it look like he pee'ed himself; he says they're comfortable but they wick the sweat in an awkward direction.  I didn't notice.

There was a fire down there, looked like maybe Castle Rock. You could see and smell the smoke.

Charlie photos below; he posts these to Strava and then I copy them so they don't show up very good here, but both his phone and his GoPro produce nice hi-res shots.

Charlie's GoPro really accentuates the sinewy-ness of my legs.

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