Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2020 WNR 21

Charlie wanted to ride early, so I went with him.  Then I went AGAIN at 4pm, because it seemed like a good idea.

Wildlife Encounter: a raccoon looking for a handout at Junction.

So the morning ride was a little chilly, and I brought my arm warmers, but rolled them down after a couple miles of climbing. At Junction,  I noticed a pair of arm warmers someone had left on the hand rail.  On my second trip in the afternoon, they were still there.

Diablo Shoutout to BlogReader KEN, who didn't recognize me I think, and also to Deadhead Mike who always does.

That interval guy with the Mike's Bikes shorts and the Eddy Merckx was riding circles around me again ... I just had no response.

Charlie laid down a viscous attack at Big Shady Oak.
Retired Ranger Carl made an appearance.

Old guy with touring bike and panniers passed me... and that's OK.

I passed this guy with the tennis shoes and flat-bar hybrid though!

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Diablo Scott said...

Blog reader Jim emailed to ridicule me for a typo on one of the captions: "Charlie laid down a viscous attack at Big Shady Oak."

He opined that maybe the viscosity of the air was unusually high that day... I left my flub in there for humility.