Saturday, July 25, 2020

2020 SMR 23

Injury recovery update: I had an appointment with the spine doctor on Thursday and he said I'm healing up just fine, but it's going to take a while so get used to be sub-100% for the rest of 2020.

One of the things the doc asked was about leg weakness... and I said "I have a pretty high bar for leg strength." He understood I was a cyclist and said of course I have lost some endurance. Then I said "I used to be able to do The Bump in my 17 cog, but Wednesday I was in my 19 so I'm almost there."  Turns out he was more concerned about the kind of leg weakness that happens when your vertebrae pinch your spinal cord and then your legs buckle up and you fall down... he doesn't think there's any sign that's happening with me.  

Today's ride started out with this friendly ranger raising the colors. She didn't have much experience and had to re-do it when something went wrong. The flag is back to full mast today.

Wildlife Encounter:  deers and butterflies... it was like a Disney movie.

Man, we are having some great weather lately.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pic (2nd to last). I used to recognize you by the Klein bike, now it’s the ‘stache. Doug

Diablo Scott said...

I didn't even realize that was you until now. Best way to achieve blog recognition is to pass me in front of an interesting background with good lighting and not be blurry.

I just assume everybody recognizes me and is too star-struck to wave or shout-out.