Saturday, July 04, 2020

2020 SMR 20

I evaluated myself yesterday and was sure I was ready for my FIRST SUMMIT IN 7 WEEKS!
I felt good but took the pain pills anyway.
Also, it's 4th of July, so I wore my patriotic socks... got exactly one comment (positive).
Got to The Gate a little early so I had time for some vanity shots.
Not too many cars, but more than usual. I think the picnic areas are closed so that kept people away. Lots of hikers and bike riders enjoying The Park.
Lots of lizards too - seems to be a good year for them, maybe that's why there's fewer bugs too.
My chain is making too much noise - might be time for a new cassette.

The gate to Upper Lot is closed and you have to go around - I didn't see any signs that said doing so was OK, it was just understood.

Same gate, still closed on the way back down.

This washout needs to be elevated to "hurry up and fix" status.  There's a big elevation difference between the two lanes.

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