Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wednesday Junction

Today, Charlie and I did Junction plus ONE extra Bump.  I'm a little behind the curve because of other stuff... time to get back to the business of becoming The Legend of the Bump.

Bumps Today:                02

Bumps of Autumn:        11

People Ahead of Me:     12

He pushed me hard and I faded bad, so I'm calling it good training. He talked about how many years since he did a Bump Repeat, and then he did it and set a new Personal Record... beating me by about a GigaBikeLength.

I wore my retro Eddy Merckx jersey. It looks like wool and has long sleeves, but it doesn't have any pockets so I had to wear my windbreaker over the top and lose the style points.

Knee didn't hurt much... still lumpy and weak but that beats pain.

I had my annual doctor exam on Monday. In the last 2 years I gained four pounds and shrunk a half inch... probably the vertebra fracture.

Making progress

See if you can guess when I broke my patella.

This is the start point for a Bump Repeat

This is the stop point for a Bump Repeat

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