Saturday, July 01, 2000

My Scans

My Scans
When I was recovering from my appendicitis surgery I looked through some old magazines and scanned in some of my favorite photos, advertisements, and articles. Enjoy.

7-Eleven and Eddy Merckx:

Be sure to also see my History of Team 7-Eleven Bikes page.

Bob Roll and Alexi Grewal in the 1986 Tour de France - 7-Eleven's first year at the Tour. Note the white fadeout panels on the red Murrays - that's how you can tell it's 1986 - the 85's were all red.

Jeff Pierce and Ron Kiefel, same year.

This was the "centerfold" poster of Winning magazine after Hampsten won the 1988 Giro. Sometimes I imagine owning a bike store with posters like these all over the place and telling the stories to a generation of new riders who've never heard them. Greg Lemond talks about his memories of Roland Della Santa's old shop that way.

One of Winning Magazine's features was "The Good Stuff" (you can see the title page bleeding trough on this scan) and I scanned this one in because... I ride one too! That internal brake cable routing must have been an expensive option though. A super-coveted bike for the time, usually displayed prominently at any store that sold them.

Another 7-Eleven Merckx feature on Dag Otto Lauritzen's Tour de Trump winning bikes.

You could buy a bike from a Belgian legend, and an American dream team. This ad is from 1990.

Lance rode Eddy Merckx on Team Motorola, won the World's Championship and a Tour de France stage on this bike.

Some notable covers of Winning Magazine:


Some notable gruppos that no longer exist:

This is an excellent series of articles on building your own wheels, I still refer to it.

Dave Moulton:

Intercepted FAX: In 1989, my girlfriend (now wife) worked at Kinko's in Santa Rosa. Back then, FAX machines were not common and this FAX was sent to Kinko's to be forwarded to Greg Lemond who was staying at a local hotel, and she made a copy for me. It's from John Wilcockson about writing the forward to one of Graham Watson's photo books to be published by VeloNews, called "Visions of Cycling".

When Greg lost the Tour de France to his own team mate Hinault a few years earlier, I wrote a prescient letter to the editor that was published in Winning.

De Ronde Van Vlaanderen
This is an article about riding the Tour of Flanders route, one day I'll do this for sure.

1987 Coors Classic
I got some guys from Team Bianchi to autograph my program! I actually sort of knew one of these guys - Gavin Chilcott was a local racer that got hired on just for this race.

This ad is from 1985. When Alexi Grewal won the LA Olympic Road Race in 1984, everyone wanted a yellow hairnet like his. The next year hardshell helmets became mandatory for USCF races and no one ever wore one of these again.

This is Louison Bobet on the left and Charly Gaul in the Tour de France. I guess the trick to wearing a sew-up over your shoulders is to tie a knot where it goes between your shoulder blades. That pipe thing under the downtube is called a "gonfleur" and it apparently just has compressed air (not CO2)in it to inflate tires.

I like this ad because I met Tammy Jacques a few years ago and this was the only photo I could find of her in my old bike magazines. I'm sure she had nothing to do with the fact that these bars don't seem to be available any more.

In 1985 I bought my first racing bicycle, a Ciocc. They had an ad just like this Guerciotti ad at the time and were distributed by Ten Speed Drive Imports. My buddy Brian and I went looking for racing bikes and drove all over the Bay Area in February until we found "The Bike Route" in Concord and they had both Guerciotti (which he bought) and Ciocc and it was like magic. The Bike Route is now a laundramat.

This photo is from 1999 and I found it interesting because "Ullrich" bikes were much ballyhooed when they "launched" in year 2006.