Friday, September 01, 2000

Klein Road Bike Serial Numbers and Photos

Many blog readers have sent me photos of their Klein road bikes along with serial numbers to help me with the database.

Click HERE to see the photos while I'm preparing the rest of the site.

The serial number database is constantly being upgraded (I've got another dozen or so I need to add already). I'd love to add your Klein to it; please send me an overall photo showing color, cable routing, and decals, photos of the stickers or stamped serial numbers, and provide the information below:

Your name (I won't include this in the web site, just for my records)

e-mail address (I won't include this either)

Location (where the bike currently lives)

Known Year (if you're sure)
Guess Year (if you're not sure)
Size (say whether you're sure or if it's based on your measurement)
Color (your description or the official Klein name)
Font (original, Klingon, or modern)
Under BB Serial Number 1 (if it's across the bottom bracket)
Under BB Serial Number 2 (on the non-drive side of bottom bracket)
Under BB Serial Number 3 (on the drive side of the bottom bracket)
UPC Sticker Serial Number (underside of the down tube)
Stamped on rear dropout Serial Number (if none, say so)
Notes (anything else you want to add - especially whether or not it has a pressed-in BB, what type of rear wheel dropouts it has, what the steer tube size is, any interesting decals, internal cables, extended seat tube, internal headset, type of fork... literally anything you think might help somebody who finds my blog.)


Mark Perkins said...

I just heard about your serial number list. I own a 1977 Klein Team Super that I bought directly from Gary Klein in person. They did not have serial numbers back then, so I can't help you with that. I also don't have a Google account. My email address is:, and you can contact me through Facebook. I am also looking for a place to insert a photo for you, but don't see one yet. Maybe I can do that when I "edit" this message.

Mark Perkins

Anonymous said...

Klein Quantum in Shimmering Burgundy.
Frame number is 01930862.
It looks as though there could possibly be a couple of characters before the first zero but I can't make them out.

Jay said...

My klein performance has 8888 at the rear stay. Mine is a 1988?

Diablo Scott said...

Hi Jay, I don't know - that format doesn't match any of my data and I have almost nothing on Kleins from 1988.

Unknown said...

My serial number is 3P1E7 it's an performance with an tricolor Shimano
ultegra component package withcampanola lamba rims with Shimano tricolor hubs serial number is under rear drop out can you help me

Unknown said...

Trying to figure out what year it is it is a candy red

Scott Boye said...

Hi Scott,
I just acquired a frame with the serial # S411 on the bottom of the left dropout. I got it from a guy cleaning out stuff left by his ex-roommate. I got the feeling there was bad feelings between them so have absolutely no history from the previous owner. The paint appears to be fragile, it comes off where electrical tape had been used to put the "free" sign on it.
The dropouts are thick, the derailleur hanger is part of the dropout. There's a mounting for shifters on the top of the downtube about 6" from the headtube. There are holes for internal shift cables but the rear brake routing is three clips along the top of the toptube. The seattube measures 57cm according to my tape measure. There's a pressed in bottom bracket that is surprisingly smooth.
Your spreadsheet is the only real info I've come across. Where else should I be looking to find more info? I'd like to determine when it was built and what model it is. I'd like to get the correct letter style when I have it painted.
I plan on stripping and prepping it for paint then have an automotive shop spray it. I won't be able to do a classic fade but I want to do justice to the frame. There's enough stuff in my parts bin that I'll be able to mostly build it up with (close to) period correct components.

Diablo Scott said...

@scottboyce: Sounds like an early-mid 1980's Performance. Should have a long wheelbase if so, and that should be obvious. The brake cable clips don't match anything I have photos of though.

Anonymous said...

S25, on the left dropout
I'm not next to the bike, in another country, recently asked my family to take some photos for the purpose of buying parts to convert to STI shifting, when I return.
Its a Klein Performance, 1984 I think - I can't remember why I know this, so I imagine the seller said so - 10 years ago.
From what I've seen, the frame is pretty much identical to the earlier Stage Touring frames. I'll send an email with some photos I currently have - bad ones though

Anonymous said...

I'm now thinking 1984 is probably wrong. I probably got it from seeing photos of an almost identical bike which is a real 1984. I found the page again (, and some other people post their serials and those are all later than mine - in the hundreds. So I guess mine should be much earlier.
They made Klein Performance with the same color scheme until 1990 at least, so I was just making assumptions.

Shaun said...

I bought the bike thinking it was a Performance, but after some web searching, I realized that Performance has a hole on the rear dropout for mounting racks/fenders?. Mine does not have this, so I now think that it could be an early Quantum.
The serial number is engraved (or punched?) onto the bottom side of the chain stay unlike the other Kleins I have owned.
S/N: 58082487119
There is no Kein logo whatsoever on the bike other than the Klein wordmark on the down tube. (White lettering in black outline). Nothing on the head tube either.

PeytonsVols said...

Quantum 2Q412

kevinnormmy said...

Is 20515 stamped on underside a model or serial number? Red Klein Quantum

kevinnormmy said...

Sorry it's 2Q515..... does anyone know how to decipher that what make model year etctera? Ty

kevinnormmy said...


Pedalagain said...

So I am dying to know what year my Klein Quantum is. This bike is awesome and so freaking fast. There are two sets of numbers underneath. They are 59I 0200 and WTU124759R. It has the internal cables, Shimano 105 shifting, and a chameleon paint that is green, purple, and blue. My only hurdle is the 59cm frame, just a little too big. Can someone tell me what year it may be?

Pam B. said...

Hello, I’m trying to determine the model and year of my Klein road bike. The serial number stamped into the frame on the BB reads QU170 and it appears to have the Klein logo after it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Diablo Scott said...

Pam, email me for more info, although I don't have much.

I'm pretty sure you have a Quantum: 1989, 90, or 91.
This is based on what other people have sent me regarding their bikes and serial numbers, I don't know if there's a way to get more accurate than that.

Pam B. said...

That helps a lot, thank you! I think it may have been repainted as it is a purplish color and no other identifying info, except for the Klein decals on both sides of the frame. I could send you a picture if that helps. This was my first Klein and it was love at first ride. I also picked up a real nice Quantum Race. It’s so light you would think it’s carbon fiber. My husband thinks I have a bit of a bike fetish. Could be worse, right? :-)

Unknown said...


I found this KLEIN Performance tourer with a triple Campy ( 52-42 -30) crank and brakes but Golden Arrow Shimano derailleurs and hand brakes yet Campy brake calipers. Very clean. The serial number is P 55 the Any idea on what year and bike I have found ?

John in Lancaster ( Omish COuntry)

Unknown said...

Yes it is

Unknown said...

Hi all. I have here a klein road bike with serial number 57|1096447. I am guessing it’s a size 57, from 96’, but I can’t figure out what the last three digits stand for. I am also guessing it’s a quantum frame although it’s not painted on it. Other than that, the bike sits currently (and was most likely bought) in France, and it is equipped with a 9 speed Campag Veloce groupset and 105 break calipers. The fork is unfortunately not the original and was replaced by a carbon one (which obviously ruins the awesome looks of the green-purple frame). Any help identifying the exact model would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Quantum Klein 60 cm in bright orange: Q010F. Likely an 89?

Diablo Scott said...

>Quantum Klein 60 cm in bright orange: Q010F. Likely an 89?
I think all the 89's I have are white. I don't have any orange Quantums... but one 1990 Quantum Race that's bright orange and has micro dropouts.

Unknown said...

Model Quantum Race
Known Year ?
Guess Year 2000
Size 56 my measure
Color Silver Cloud
Font (original, Klingon, or modern) Not sure the difference
Under BB Serial Number 1
Under BB Serial Number 2 WTU128256R
Under BB Serial Number 3
UPC Sticker Serial Number (underside of the down tube) None
Stamped on rear dropout Serial Number None
Has the Made in USA Chehalis Washington sticker on the front tube

Chenyao said...

I have a flare red Klein Pinnacle with a serial number R43E on the left rear dropout, guess it was made in 1987 or 1988

Anonymous said...

I have just purchased a Klein bicycle I believe is a Performance.the serial number is on the drop outs. The serial number is PE032 followed by a symbol.
Can anyone please tell me what I have.