Friday, September 01, 2000

Klein Road Bike Serial Numbers and Photos

Many blog readers have sent me photos of their Klein road bikes along with serial numbers to help me with the database.

Click HERE to see the photos while I'm preparing the rest of the site.

The serial number database is constantly being upgraded (I've got another dozen or so I need to add already). I'd love to add your Klein to it; please send me an overall photo showing color, cable routing, and decals, photos of the stickers or stamped serial numbers, and provide the information below:

Your name (I won't include this in the web site, just for my records)

e-mail address (I won't include this either)

Location (where the bike currently lives)

Known Year (if you're sure)
Guess Year (if you're not sure)
Size (say whether you're sure or if it's based on your measurement)
Color (your description or the official Klein name)
Font (original, Klingon, or modern)
Under BB Serial Number 1 (if it's across the bottom bracket)
Under BB Serial Number 2 (on the non-drive side of bottom bracket)
Under BB Serial Number 3 (on the drive side of the bottom bracket)
UPC Sticker Serial Number (underside of the down tube)
Stamped on rear dropout Serial Number (if none, say so)
Notes (anything else you want to add - especially whether or not it has a pressed-in BB, what type of rear wheel dropouts it has, what the steer tube size is, any interesting decals, internal cables, extended seat tube, internal headset, type of fork... literally anything you think might help somebody who finds my blog.)