Saturday, November 08, 2003

Diablo Junction

It's been raining all night and the streets are sloppy but the sky looks promising so I decide to ride up on my "foul weather bike", a steel Eddy Merckx that was my main ride for 10 years but now I mostly use to commute to work.

Anyway it's been 7 months since I rode Eddy up the mountain, he's now got commuter tires and old SPD pedals. It was cold today but not freezing, and very windy. Just Rick and me and we rode at a super slow pace because of the wind. A guy in a Euskatel jersey and a Pinarello passed us easily around the lower ranch. We passed a few other folks, some had pulled off the road because it was so windy.

Junction time was 52 minutes (!) and it was still a good workout. The Euskatel guy was there and shortly after his buddy got there too. Their names were Dave and Ken and they were from the Peninsula. Good guys to talk to and they examined everyone's bikes and made interesting observations.

Rick and I turned around, we both had things to do but we stopped at Mia Cafe for a coffee and then we checked out the Encina Bicycle Center.