Wednesday, April 28, 2004

No ride today… it's my birthday!

And the wife and daughter are taking me out for gnocchi and chianti. And there will be lots of other riders up there, BUT last night JB went part way up the mountain and on the way back down he ran over a snake and crashed hard! He said it was about two turns above Moss Landing, right about the point where you can really carry some speed into the straight section for a high max speed. Anyway, he said the snake was crossing from left to right as the road bends to the left. JB tried to anticipate the snake's trajectory and go left of his tail but the snake stopped. JB ran over the snake's tail and skidded to the right while leaning to the left. When he regained traction he high-sided over to the right, still clipped in to his pedals until he landed on his right side and his Della Santa got thrown down the road about 10 meters. His description sounded a lot like what happened to Joseba Beloki in last year's Tour. Another rider behind him stopped and made sure he was stable before leaving. JB had to do some emergency on-road maintenance to get home.

Physical damage: road rash and bruises, no fractures or head injury.
Bike damage: both wheels pretzeled, dent in the down tube - may be serioius, too early to tell.
Snake damage: the other rider said he saw it lying belly up but when they went back to look it was gone.

Help us think of an identifying name for this location now -
Viper's Vengeance?
Culebra Corner