Saturday, October 30, 2004

Diablo Junction plus Blackhawk 38 miles

JB, Rick, Peter, and I started from the Gate at 8 o’clock. It was cold but dry and we were all of a similar attitude to today’s ride: off season training.

I don’t think we saw anyone descending on North Gate Road. We did pass one woman who looked like she was a beginning triathlete; she had the bike for it and she was underdressed but was riding well. I hope she gets some tights and a jacket for next time.

We all got to the Junction together and we watched a few folks roll up from the South. The Junction Ranger Station has a display window where they have some exhibits about wildlife on Diablo, appeals not to litter, results from the Diablo Challenge, etc. But today they had a new display that showed an ad from VeloNews (I scanned this photo from my October Pro Cycling). It was a 2-page spread for PowerBar sports drinks and it showed the WebCor team on a mountain road with a quote from Chris Horner that says “There’s a point in the race, when if I need to, I can shift into a gear that’s not found on any bike.” Anyway, the display at the Junction had some posted notes that said “RECOGNIZE THIS TURN? HINT: IGNORE THE EASTERN SIERRA BACKGROUND.” It was Son of Chainbuster! Take a look! For those of you unfamiliar with the nomenclature, Son of Chainbuster is a sharp right hairpin (on the ascent) about a mile and a quarter below Junction. Recognize it now? There was also a picture of the team and the photo crew on Mt. Diablo as proof they were there.

Then Rick and I went down South Gate where we saw quite a few more riders coming up. Then we turned left to Blackhawk and did some good speed work. My legs felt good but didn’t have any snap in them so we rode fast but didn’t do any sprints. It’s all good.

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