Thursday, December 23, 2004

Diablo Junction plus South Gate Road to Danville – 33 miles

Thursday and Friday are work holidays so a good opportunity for bike riding. Everyone except JB and me had Christmas activities planned though, so it was just us two this morning. It was cold and windy but not foggy. A couple guys rolled up at the same time as JB and while we were getting set they started ahead of us. We got going just a little bit later and we kept them in sight for four miles. Finally at 2 miles to go I jumped and passed them both quickly, but the INSTANT I came around them a killer headwind came up so I had to really grit my teeth and grind to keep going. Things got a little easier after Chainbuster and I did keep my lead the rest of the way to the Junction but it wasn’t fun. JB made the move too and came in ahead of the other two guys by a little bit.

At the Junction JB decided he’d had enough. I called the Mt. Diablo info line and the recording said the winds at the Summit were 13 to 39 mph! So I decided South Gate would make a better ride and we split up.
It was one of those dicey white-knuckled descents down to Danville, with strong gusts of wind that were trying to blow me into the ditch but I played it safe and made it down in one piece. Then it was a long time trial back to Walnut Creek on Danville Blvd.

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