Sunday, May 01, 2005

I got my first hate mail!
Someone signed "Jessica" (no e-mail addy provided) wrote in my guestbook and was mad that I called Arthur Mijares a dumbass (which isn't exactly what I said, but I'll stipulate it was the sentiment. He's the guy who wants to rename Mt. Diablo because he finds the word offensive and he says the devil is a living person.

I accidentally deleted Jessica's guest book entry while I was trying to respond to it (dumbass me!) Anyway - if you want to write back Jessica, I'm here for intellectual debate. Arthur is welcome too - in fact I'll publish his written statement RIGHT HERE if he wants to send it to me.

I've heard from a source I sort of trust that Mr. Mijares is not the whacko that his action in this matter would make him out to be and I'm willing to believe that. In fact that source says he even rides a bike! Still though, if you do a google search on +Mijares +dumbass you get a link to my blog so maybe that's how "Jessica" found me.

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