Saturday, June 04, 2005

Diablo Summit 33 miles

Nicole and Drew (not quite 6 years old) started up riding the Trail a Bike with Nicole’s mountain bike.

Peter, Rick, and I stayed with them for long enough to be social and then we set off. No sign of JB.

We had seen about 4 small groups of riders start out while we were waiting and managed to pass them all before we got to the Junction.

We stayed together until 2 miles to go and then we need to pass a guy so I took the opportunity to launch one of my 2-mile time trials and stayed away until the Junction… ride time: 41m40s. Peter got pretty close and came in about 30 seconds later, and then Rick.

Quite a few riders showed up at the Junction while we were hanging around. Then we decided to hit the Summit. I had burned all my matches on that TT though so Peter and Rick both got ahead of me after Juniper. I got to the Summit in just under 80 minutes.

Met a nice family from Hong Kong up there… the daughter was going to DVC and hoping to go on for a PhD in Astrophysics. They asked us questions about life in the Bay Area and it was nice talking to them.

Nicole and Drew made it to the Upper Washout. They said JB passed them near the Bump; he had overslept and started late so we never saw him.

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