Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gate - Junction - Tire Poppers - Junction - Gate

Left home and me toes were immediately cold, by the time I got to the Church and connected with Rick I was in real pain but I knew it was going to warm up. Then JB came by (he had DOUBLE booties) and we started up.
Really cold this morning and we didn't see many other riders. About the Ranches the sun finally started warming up. Last week Rick thought his race was today, but it's next week. At the Junction he decided a Bump de Bump would be good training so we went down... it was cold.
Coming back up the Easy Side, we didn't see too many riders either. I gave Rick a long pull to Helicopter Hill and then he tried to bridge up to a guy but didn't make it. At the Junction we saw Mark A and he decided to do SGR and back up also. On the way down NGR, we saw a couple really big groups of riders - almost like they were riding in military parade formation.
Did I mention it was cold today?

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David said...

I can relate. It was miserable last Saturday. I finally started to feel my fingers and toes the last five miles of our ride.