Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calaveras Road - Foxy's Tune-Up Ride

JB and I drove to Rick's house and started from there. Calaveras Road is part of the Primavera Century and was also part of the Tour of California last year. It's such a fun ride with tight turns and rolling hills and great views.

After working our way through downtown Pleasanton and the outskirts of urbanization, we rode past the biggest tree nursery I've ever seen.

Wildlife Encounter: Turkeys in two places. I gobbled at them and they gobbled back; I thought that meant I did a pretty good turkey imitation but Rick thought they were laughing at me.

So this was an out and back course and when we got to about 22 miles we just turned around and made it about 45 for the day. There was a good stiff headwind most of the way so Rick and I got in some excellent Foxy's type training for next week.

Please check out this week's ride video at my Vimeo page: HERE. I'll add a link to my border bar too. I don't think I'll be doing this for every ride but it was a fun little project - leave me a comment over there after you watch it.

Vimeo is sort of like Picasa or Flicker for videos - perfect for sharing little movies like this with friends and blog readers without taking up space from my Blogger memory alotment.

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I posted my video to Vimeo too.