Saturday, March 07, 2009

Gate - Junction - Kiosk - Junction - Gate

Last Saturday ride of Daylight Wasting Time.

Pretty decent weather today for a change. Met JB at the Gate at 8. Didn't see many riders going up except one guy who looked like Chris Horner blew by us like he had his own personal tailwind.

Didn't have much motivation to do a punishing training ride today, maybe next week (will probably still be dark at the start.

JB smoked me to the Jnxn then we went down SGR to the Kiosk... his original plan was to conitinue on down and mine was to turn around but he got spooked by the fog on the Danville side so he came back up with me. I did a long interval and almost made it all the way back to the Junction alone but he caught me with a half mile to go.

There's a new weather recording gizmo at the Ranger Station.

Wednesday night rides will be starting again soon also!.

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