Monday, December 07, 2009

Cold Wind Rain Snow

I knew it was going to be just me this morning. Started up about 45 minutes later than usual... on purpose.

It's been cold ever since the snow on Monday, but since then we've had quite a bit of rain, so I was hoping there'd still be some snow up there.

Saw about 5 guys riding down, and about 7 joggers coming down. More weekend athletes than vehicles. We all acknowledged our respective nuttiness being out there in this weather.

So mostly drizzle up to Junction. The Summit Road got really windy and the rain got heavier. First started to see a little snow in the ditches below Juniper. Got up to Muir and was hoping for a good snow photo op, but there was nothing. Rode another mile to get this shot and decided I'd had enough.

Please click on my Vimeo movie!

Snow Ride Dec 2009 from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

Cold, wind, rain, lonely, snow.

For weather conditions (at the Summit): 925-838-9225

For road closures: 925-837-2525

For a park ranger: 925-837-0904

OK, way OT... found this REALLY funky orange on my tree Monday. Did a little research and found that navel oranges are all clones of a single Brazilian freak mutation that had a "semi-undeveloped Siamese twin" and every once in a while the twin pokes his head out... several photos on the web, but this one is the kewlest.

Cut it open and ate it... the orange part only... the green part didn't have fruit inside.


Pommi said...

Hi Scott, what is the phone number for the Diablo weather conditions ?

Diablo Scott said...

Hi Pommi - I added it to the text of the blog.