Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hace Mucho Viento

Left home and it was chilly enough to wear my winter jacket for the first time this season. Turned on to NGR and it was like riding in a clothes dryer vent: warm and humid... very strange transitional weather.

Met up with JB and Peter at the Gate. They dropped me at the Bump.

Above the Bump it was really windy - the kind of wind that makes you get out of the saddle just so you don't get blown off the road. It was a pretty consistent strong wind, but every once in a while a gust would come by in a different direction that would yank my front wheel into a precarious angle.

Excuse du jour for being slow: business trip and airplane legs.

Coming up around Chainbuster I got passed by ex-regular Tomás. At Junction we all decided to go back down and pledged to be careful... it was a little scary around some of the hairpins. I stopped at the bottom of the Bump for a video and caught Dudley, Tomás, and Peter doing a little paceline. Sorry, but I didn't notice my lens cover wasn't open all the way.

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