Sunday, October 06, 2013

2013 Diablo Challenge Volunteer

Today I give back to the Diablo cycling community by volunteering for the Diablo Challenge and Save Mount Diablo.

My task was to load the backpacks and gear up in my truck and drive to the Summit where riders collected them after finishing.  Brought along Diablo Daughter and her boyfriend and they were a big help.

Local legend Nate English dusted everyone to no one's surprise, but didn't beat the time of the top Amgen Tour of California pro's.

Among the other riders was blog reader Curtis, who says a lot of the traffic to his BLOG comes from people clicking through from mine, so go check it out, read his inspirational story, see the Scott&Curtis selfie, and leave him a nice comment.

Rick rode with his Kovarus team and had a superb end to his racing season - I'll see him again next week for the veteran's century.

Low-production video of the events below:

Challenge from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

What was the record climb time of the ToC pro's? I haven't found it posted anywhere.

Diablo Scott said...

Well, there was a breakaway of four riders that started up Diablo, and nobody between them and the pack. None of the breakaway guys had a great Diablo Challenge split time. Several of the peloton guys have Strava profiles - so check this out:

Now Mark de Maar was in the peloton and he holds the Strava KOM for the Diablo Challenge segment, but Koenig won the race so he obviously had a faster segment time but doesn't have a Strava profile.

Koenig finished 44s faster than De Maar, so his segment time was PROBABLY 40m55s.

Nate English beat his ToC time in yesterday's Challenge, but two Amgen racers are still ahead of him on the Strava.