Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 SMR 34

Well I'm half-way back.

I absolutely HAD to ride today... it's been NINE weeks since the Foxy's crash that cracked seven ribs and sent me to the ER.

Winter from Diablo Scott on Vimeo.

Wildlife Encounter:  two deer and a coyote.

Got going a little early because I knew I'd be slow.  JB caught me about Clavicle Cracker.  By that time I had convinced myself that Junction would be my turn around.

I haven't seen the Mountain this green in years; and it's especially nice to see standing water in the ditches and running water in the creeks.

I didn't feel comfortable on the bike, I didn't feel strong, the ribs are still hurting, and I didn't feel confident with my handling... but I did feel like a bike rider and that's a feeling I've been missing for a long time.

Twice this year I've had my identity as a bike rider stripped from me by injuries; most of my readers will understand how that might affect any one of us.  But another part of my identity for the last 17 years has been as the companion of a greyhound and now that's been taken away as well.  My family brought our second dog Abbey into our lives in 2007, and last night I brought her ashes home in a cedar box.  Please honor her by giving your own pets a little special attention today.


Mike said...

Sorry to hear about Abbey! Been there, done that quite a few times.
Glad you got out and rode.
My Tuesday Night riding partner crashed Thanksgiving and broke 8 ribs, collar bone and shoulder blade!

Just a single bruised rib hurts like the dickens!

Take it slow. :)

Diablo Scott said...

Thanks Mike - the good ones get it.

Keith said...

Hey Scott -
Glad to hear that you are recovering from your recent gravitational challenge. Rib pain is fierce but really it only hurts with breathing, rolling over in bed, moving, and chewing....

Also, I am sorry to hear about Abbey. Dogs are lovely creatures, created for by and for people. We miss them clicking down the hallway, at least that is my families experience.

Hope to see you motoring up the hill soon!


Rick said...

Scott, Nice to know you are back on the mountain. You are a rock as the song says!