Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 SMR 32

Another short one cuz I got work to do!

Is this thing on?

Waiting for JB, time for a bike photo.

JB isn't usually late.

Maybe I better check my text messages.

Yup... looks like a solo short ride today.

Oh HEY!  Rick again! Good company.  

Rick's going for a PB on the Diablo Challenge next week.  Be sure to STAR the DiabloScott-branded segment: Д Mt. Diablo: Diablo Challenge

This guy's jersey said "75th Anniversary Golden Gate Bridge"

Tarantula Tally:  one.
Roadkill Report:  snake... might've been the same one as last week.

Bon jour Jean et Michelin!

Hola Isaac!

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