Saturday, October 28, 2017

2017 SMR 35

Over-dressed again today... started off cold but got real warm well before Junction.

Broken Gate is broken

One more Saturday Morning Ride before Daylight Wasting Time.

After last week's ride, I determined it was time for new tires.  The whole tread wasn't this bad, but when you can see casing threads anywhere, you don't have much safety factor.

I bought these really nice ones a couple years ago by mistake - thinking they were tubulars - but they're "open tubulars"... I hate that term.  I wasn't sure about putting 27mm width on the Klein but they fit fine and they ride real nice.  

Also, my favorite Vittoria Corsa 320tpi tires were discontinued this year, but I found a site that was selling some left-overs for half price - so I got four of them and I won't need to buy new tires for several years!

This youngster with a touring bike and panniers took a little too much pleasure in passing us on The Bump.  We mocked him after he was out of earshot.

I totally pooped out below Juniper so turned around there.

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