Wednesday, May 16, 2018

2018 WNR 05

Me, Colin, and Kevin tonight.

Me and Colin hit it hard from the line and I stayed with him until about the 2,000-foot rocks when he pulled away.  A fast guy passed me and I stayed with him for a while and almost caught back up to Colin, but then Colin got on his wheel and rode away from me again.

My stopwatch didn't start at the line so I wasn't really sure how I was doing for time; when we got to the beginning of Split 4 I knew we were about half way for time and elevation so I started the stopwatch then.  Did Split 4 in just under 7 minutes, but that's kind of an easy one.  At the end of Split 5 we were at 15 minutes, so we were averaging 7m30s per split.  I said to Colin - this feels like a 46, and he agreed.

So I still didn't know what my time was until I got back to my truck and uploaded the Strava:  46m10s...five seconds slower than last week.  Heart rate graph provided for your amusement... how long ago was it that I could hold 165 for an hour?

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