Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018 SMR 47

Winter Solstice was yesterday.  Full moon was last night.  Good opportunity to ride The Mountain.
First - my latest creative endeavor - short and click-worthy.

Also, a jingle bell jingle for all my readers.

Me and JB started off with all our warmest gear, and gradually stripped it off as we got higher.  Interestingly, JB forgot a water bottle, and I had two but only went through one.

Wildlife Encounter:  single deer above The Bump

Seemed to be a pretty quiet day; not many other riders, but Strava logged 50 FlyBys.  Just a little windy at elevation... just about perfect.

Then on the way home, it happened... rear tire went flat outside The Gate near the horse ranch.  This is the pretty much used up tire that I punctured before and I patched with Stan's Sealant a couple weeks ago.  So I got a few more rides out of it - got my money's worth but didn't really get a good return on my labor - I'm putting a fresh tire on before next week.  Also, I am REALLY good at gluing on my tubulars.  I've always said the perfect glue job makes it damned hard to get off, but not damned near impossible.  This one's been on for a year I think, and it took some serious muscle to remove  Win.


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Mike said...

Ok that was great! (the video)
Best to you and your family Scott!