Saturday, January 09, 2021

2021 Sat 02

 Cold and a little windy, but beautiful. There were a lot of people who looked under-dressed, but possibly they were just tougher than I.

Roadkill Report: skunk - I forget where exactly, but he looked to still be warm.

At Junction we were just headed up Summit Road when old friend Shawn O and his riding buddy Bobby V arrived from South Gate Road on their epic 100 mile journey. We took some photos and then they went down the North. Shawn and Bobby have a personal goal of one century per month for 2021... which makes my objective of 100 Bumps of Winter seem lame... so I didn't bring it up.

When I got to The Wall, I took a quick survey of the dirt around the barrier and decided I could ride around it instead of walking - success!  Also, that tire I glued on last week seems to be doing fine and I haven't applied the extra safety glue... maybe when it warms up a little.

My Garmin cyclocomputer battery crapped out again on the way down though - so I think I'm going to have to start packing my battery charger. But my new Garmin smartwatch handled the task of recording for Strava just fine... I just didn't have speed and time data on my handlebars. I have my watch set to show heart rate while I'm riding and that's interesting info; and by interesting I mean much lower than I imagined. By the way, that "220 minus your age" thing gets more accurate every year.


This guy passed us on The Dips, but then he faded by the park boundary sign. 
Looks like he has his saddle too high too.


Summit plus three extra Bumps today, for a solid third place in the coveted Legend of the Bump trophy; and by "coveted" I mean just me because nobody else cares about it.

That Laurel Wreath will soon be MINE!

Photo Credit:  Shawn O.


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