Thursday, March 11, 2021

Scott's Patella Fracture Update

Today is 8 weeks since the accident, and 6 weeks since the surgery. I've been in a leg immobilizer for that whole time, locked into full extension; my knee hasn't bent at all in 8 weeks. Also losing muscle and it looks pretty funky.

Yes... that is straight.

Today at my follow up appointment they took some Xrays and congratulated me for following their instructions to not bend my knee and it worked because the screws and bondo are all holding everything into place. I didn't get a copy of the Xray but I saw it and it looks like they got three screws in there. Then she (PA) unlocked 10 degrees of freedom in my brace so now I can bend my knee 10 degrees and she said I should do lots of little bends and work my way up to 20 degrees by next week. She thinks I can be at 90 degrees in another month... A MONTH!

That's a lot longer than I was anticipating going into this, but in the long term it's better to do it right than do it fast. I'll project my next Junction ride will be before the end of April... jeez that sounds forever. Maybe I'll have a COVID vaccine by then too.

Snow on Diablo, and I'm enjoying it vicariously through my Strava friends.  OK, that was getting close to feeling pity for myself... no more of that.

Thanks Linda

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