Saturday, December 17, 2022

2022 Diablo Day 72 - Saturday Morning Junction

The heavy rains and the cold nights and the work conflicts all were negligible today - first ride in weeks!  It warmed up nicely and we stopped to unzip stuff.

Started off feeling pretty good, although my knee does not like this cold. Then I faded the last two miles like usual, except worse. We caught one guy and I joked that we should slow down and make him feel slower than us... instead, we just said "hi" and rode on.

Did you know the Danville Chief of Police is a serious cyclist? He was recently interviewed on a Podcast a friend told me about - lots of good info, nicely balanced.  Check it out!

Christmas decorations are a little better than last year.

JB's Clavicle Doctor has a Calfee Bamboo bike. I call him Dr. Bamboo.
He had some kind of neck issue and switched stuff around for a more upright position.


VAM - that's a good name for a climbing bike!

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