Saturday, March 16, 2024

2024 Diablo Day 07 - Saturday Morning Junction

Spring!  Poppies! Still not warm enough for shorts though.

Wildlife Encounter: dozens of turkeys everywhere.

Happened upon my old Club Sport ride leader Glenda on Blackhawk Road. She recognized my wind breaker and I recognized her voice and then we reminisced a little. She said she already did her Diablo day this week so wasn't going up The Mountain today.

Lots of hikers this morning too - appeared to be some kind of club.

At Junction I talked to a guy who had never seen downtube shifters before. He asked how they worked.


From this spot you can see a lot of North Gate Road - 1: The Retaining Wall,  2: Coyote Flats, 3: Chainbuster.

First poppy of the season.

Famous Pink Lady cyclist Alison.


Burningbet said...

I appreciate the thoughtfulness and depth you bring to your writing.

Diablo Scott said...

Product Review: is a place for LOSERS to go LOSE MONEY! They'll steal your woman, then they'll rob your head! ♫♪

Alison said...

Hi Scott! How crazy we crossed paths last weekend! It was beautiful day, wasn't it? On a lark, I rode up North Gate yesterday for the first time in years. The poppies were amazing. Take care of yourself!