Saturday, May 18, 2024

2024 Diablo Day 11 - Saturday Morning Junction

Beautiful day on The Mountain. It was sunny and just a little on the cool side. I skipped the sunscreen. 

After last week's ride I was exhausted and was worried that I was on some downward trajectory of performance that would end my cycling days - but today I felt fine so I guess it was just a discontinuity in the matrix.

Roadkill Report: two possums and a skunk.

Wildlife Encounter: lots of lizards and butterflies - do lizards eat butterflies?

At Junction I was on the bench with JB just BS'ing and a group of about 10 motorcyclists arrived from The North; they all hovered around Junction with their loud engines, not being obnoxious, but a little rude and it made it hard to talk. Then they all started up Summit Road and I didn't see what happened but they all stopped at the driveway to the Junction Picnic Area and there appeared to be some kind of accident. The rangers all went into action controlling traffic and such and one of the guys came down to say one of them was seriously hurt. Then the helicopter started circling and then the ranger told everyone to clear the Junction area - I thought the helicopter was going to land right there in the road (that would've been quite a maneuver!) so I waited to watch from a safe distance. But then the ambulance and rescue vehicles came up from The South to handle things, the helicopter went home, and I started down.


Diablo Scott said...

Product Review: makes the worst leather jackets in the history of clothing. They smell like road kill, fit like a tent, and look like something you'd wipe your arse with. I think they hire dropouts from toilet-cleaning school to do the stitching.

Diablo Scott said...

Two more product reviews!
Jorde-Calf sucks.
Their jackets smell like rat hide soaked in possum piss.
They make you look fat and stupid.
They would be a good choice for people with lots of money and no sense of style.
And they donate part of their profits to a "charity" that you would certainly disapprove of.

Diablo Scott said...
Jorde-Calf sucks

Ugly, ill-fitting, and poorly made. I would rather wear a clown costume from Walmart.