Saturday, May 10, 2003

May 10, 2003 - Diablo Junction, 45 miles

JB and I met at the gate at 7:30 to get a little warm up ride in before Rick and Nicole got there. We rode to the top of the bump and then turned around. Rick and Nicole showed up with Peter and we all started out (again) together. Rick had his new Campagnolo Neutron wheels on with some narrow 20mm tires so I knew right away he was out for blood. We didn't start out that fast but before long Rick really took off. I stayed with him, not realizing he was going for a PB at first, until the top of the bump and then I sat up. He finished in 38'12" which is about 20 seconds better than my PB. I stayed ahead of Peter and JB though, and did a 41'40". Just as Nicole was getting to the Junction Me and Rick and Peter took off for Juniper; JB went down South Gate and Nicole went back for coffee and breakfast. Peter and Rick didn't stop at Juniper - they just kept on going but I pulled over and after a short rest, turned around. Rick put an old cassette on his new wheels and he only had a 23t big cog so I wonder if he had a little trouble making it up the summit wall?

Back at the bottom I ran into Sarkis who admired my new bike and told me about the Wine Country Century he did last week (it rained).

Amy said I had to be home by 11 o'clock so I rode around town and through the neighborhood until the last minute so I could get some extra miles in. I should be in good condition for the century next week - but more miles now would make things easier then.