Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Commute to work ON MY FIXIE!

So after convincing myself that I could do this safely I grabbed the Basso and risked getting a flat because I don't have a tube, pump, or tire spoons and off I went. It was easier than I thought it would be but I definitely have some new skills to learn. Remembering not to coast is really not the problem, it's the little things like exactly when to put my foot down at a stop light, how to get off the sidewalk onto the street, how to do a trackstand without backpedaling… little stuff.

My commute consists of about a mile and a half of surface streets with heavy traffic and stop lights, followed by two miles on paved bike/pedestrian trail, and it ends with a little jaunt through a middle school drop-off point where I usually have to weave my way through a mob of adolescent slackers and then mix it up with their parents in minivans and SUV's that make illegal but tolerated U-turns in the 4-lane road I have to cross to get into the parking lot of my office building where we've got some good bike racks in the covered garage. Whew, sorry… that was a long sentence.

This bike could be a good winter commuter if I transfer my lights over but I think I'll mostly ride it when I'm sure I can get home before dark. It's too small to do longer training rides on but it's sure fun for shorter distances.