Sunday, December 28, 2003

Just a few photos to post, no ride today.

Here’s the Basso fixie. Jim, the original owner, will now send me an e-mail telling me he can’t believe I sawed off his shifter bosses and derailleur hanger. The photo is a little misleading – the right brake hood has no lever and you’re seeing the left brake (front) lever in the background.

Here’s the Belgian beast after a foul weather ride. I’m still impressed with the handling and road feel of this bike, especially with 25c tires. Note that this was taken before I got the new Shimano M520 pedals – these Nashbar clones are now permanently on the Basso.

And here’s my daughter in her Burley trailer (second hand, old design). My brother gave me our first trailer second hand and we wore it out – this one is from a garage sale down the street.

Things look good for a New Year’s Day ride up the mountain. Check back frequently.