Saturday, January 31, 2004

Diablo Junction, Blackhawk, La Gonda, Danville Blvd. 38 miles.

It was cold today but not wet or foggy. JB and I were thinking Rick and Nicole were going to show up at 8:30 but there was a communication breakdown and they showed up much later thinking we were going to do the Junction twice. I brought my new mobile phone with camera attachment and took this photo of JB about 1/4 mile below the Gate at the place where Rick and Nicole usually park their Explorer.

It was one of the first photos I tried to take so I hope the crappy quality is a sign of my incompetence and that the phone can take better photos than THAT! Otherwise it's useless.

On the way up JB said the cold was giving him a headache. I said that I was riding my foul weather bike because it was an excuse to go slow. He discussed his plans to ride to a Super Bowl party in Rohnert Park on Sunday - I laughed and wished him luck.

At the Junction we met a couple of other guys and chatted for a while. JB said he was open to add-ons and I suggested Blackhawk so we went for it. Surprising number of noobs on South Gate coming up in shorts - hard to feel sorry for them. On Blackhawk Road some poser caught up to us at a light and sucked wheel for a couple miles before we dumped his lame ass on Camino Tassajara. JB took a couple pulls on Danville Blvd but our mph dropped a couple every time he came to the front so I just rode tempo and let him hang on until we got to Rudgear.

When I got home I signed up to be on my company's corporate team for the Tour de Cure Diabetes charity ride. I'll have my profile up soon so you can all donate a buck or two for the cause.