Saturday, January 17, 2004

Diablo Summit - 38 miles

Very cold today but it's been dry for a couple days. Decided to take my foul weather bike anyway, it gives me an excuse for riding a bit slower.

Nicole talked everyone into riding at 8:30 again instead of 8:00. I got to the Gate at 8 anyway and rode a couple miles up the road for some additional warm-up. JB did the same thing but he was ahead of me and I didn't see him until we both had returned to the Gate. We passed a few oddballs on strange bikes - probably "resolutioners". JB and Rick rode away from me after the Bump and they beat me to the Junction. It was still pretty cold there though so I didn't stop and we all headed up. I didn't think I felt good enough for a summit and I hadn't eaten any breakfast so I figured I'd turn around at Juniper. There was a thick lens of fog from the ranches all the way up to Juniper, but while I was taking in the view from the Juniper parking area I could see that the fog was moving up. I was pretty cold but decided to keep going up and I got to the lower lot at the Summit JB and Rick were coming down so I didn't bother to climb the Wall.

I'm ready for spring.