Monday, February 09, 2004

Here’s me (red jersey, black helmet) in the 1988 Sonoma State Criterium. I raced collegiate Cat C unattached since I was going to Santa Rosa Junior College at the time. A blog reader wrote me to say he still rides his red Ciöcc Mod San Cristobal that I had back then. Used to see a lot of Ciöcc frames when I was doing crits but they’re kind of rare now. When I bought this bike I had three criteria: it had to be Italian, red, and Campy equipped (Triomphe). I think the whole bike was $680 in 1985 and that was when the price included pedals! It had Columbus Aelle non-butted tubing, non-aero brake cables, non-indexed downtube shifters, non-clipless pedals, non-radial laced sew-up wheels (28 and 32 spoke), and non-cassette freewheel straightblock (13 18 six speed). My shorts also had a real chamois – those were the days! The guy next to me is wearing a Stanford jersey, I remember he was a real squirrel. I rode that bike for nine years before it finally developed a head tube crack. I still have the original Cinelli bars now on my Basso fixie.