Saturday, February 21, 2004

Diablo Junction – 23 miles

Light drizzle all the way up today. Rick and Peter met me at the Gate and we started off riding tempo right away. Rick was on his single speed which is geared 39x16 so he had to ride fast just to stay on top of his gear. It was interesting watching him grunt up the Bump in such a big gear but he did it well and he stayed ahead of me!

The higher we got the thicker the rain got but it never got heavy enough to make it hard to see through my glasses – that’s when it stops being fun for me. Up around the Junction it was also quite foggy but oddly not cold at all and I enjoyed riding in this kind of weather more than I would have imagined. I brought my big water bottle with Cytomax but hardly drank any on the way up.

After about 5 minutes of chit chat JB rode across the line – for some reason none of us had thought to wait for him at the Gate and we were surprised to see him. I noticed that he had forgotten his water bottle again; he said “Let’s go before I get cold” and he continued on up Summit Road and Peter chased after him. Rick and I turned around and went for a coffee. I get a little nervous descending on wet roads but Rick was diving into every turn. Later we talked about Marco Pantani’s death and then checked out the bikes at Encina Bicycle Center before we went home.

No ride next week - having a birthday party for my daughter. Maybe try to do something on Sunday.

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