Wednesday, March 24, 2004

No riding last weekend; my daughter got admitted to the hospital Friday morning for what may have been (but wasn't) appendicitis. They kept her for two days, we got discharged at 9:30 Saturday night, and she's fine now.

But I did get to do a fun bike commute to the Contra Costa Superior Court for jury duty in Martinez on Monday and Tuesday. Twelve miles each way on some roads I hadn't ridden before - turned out to be more interesting than I had imagined; a little help from my map making program found a good route for me to take. There's no bike parking facility at the court house but there were plenty of other things to lock up to and there was a big handicapped stall in the restroom to change clothes in. I got there a little early so I could walk around outside and let the sweat dry a little before I put on my jury duty clothes.

Two days of listening to the other potential jurors make feeble excuses about why they shouldn't have to serve. They went through about 75 of the 80 people called for my case but they had the whole jury picked before they drew my name for consideration, and I didn't get to answer a single question! Could have been an interesting case - a guy accused of stealing a car in El Cerrito.

Only ten days until Daylight Wasting Time ends!