Thursday, May 20, 2004

Bike to Work Day

I bike to work most days. I live three and a half miles from the office, the route consists of good roads and multi-use trails, it’s faster than driving, and it’s fun.

Adam has been rallying up support to get more folks to ride in for this year’s Bike to Work Day and he did a great job. Eighteen people pledged to ride in, but twenty actually did! The bike rack in the parking garage is overflowing, and Adam convinced the office manager to cough up the funds for a biker’s breakfast with brekkie burritos, juices, bagels, fruit, soymilk, and ClifBars. Many of these folks haven’t ridden their bikes in years and some of them groused a little about hills and dodgy roads but everyone seemed to be glad they did it.

Here’s a composite photo showing the actual bike rack this morning, CrazyEddy with the posing with Adam’s Cannondale, and the whole group of cyclocommuters at the brekkie buffet (I’m in back holding up the white helmet)..

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