Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Diablo Junction, 17 miles

JB, Lois, Nicole, and I all met on Doncaster Street, next to the Mormon Church. Cindy met us shortly after that. Cindy’s returning to road cycling after a long hiatus and recently bought a beautiful Landshark bike from the nice folks at Left Coast Cyclery. I had recommended that shop as one that would give her good customer service and she told me they really treated her well and they certainly sold her a nice bike that is a good match for the kind of riding she’ll be doing.

So we all rode together for a little while but Cindy was eager to push it a little while Lois was more interested in conversation so we split into about three groups. JB’s rib is still painful and he still doesn’t have his Della Santa fixed so he was back with Nicole. I rode with Cindy at her pace for a while; we’ve been in the same office for three years and we’ve both been at the same company for a long time so it was nice to get to know her a little better today.

At the three miles to go point (3mtg) I took off and rode it in 18m48s which would be great if I had been pushing the lower half of the mountain. My Junction time was 43+ so that wasn’t too bad for an easy ride. When Cindy got there, we talked for a while more and then went down to sweep up the slower riders and ride back up again.

On the way down, below the bump, there was A SNAKE in the road! It looked like it had already been run over but I steered wide anyway. Later JB told us he ran over it by accident but didn’t crash this time… man, he’s going to get snake phobia if this happens again.

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