Saturday, July 17, 2004

Diablo Juniper 24 miles
Rick’s doing the Seattle to Portland ride today.  I showed up at the Gate and found Peter there, then Nicole rode up, then JB.  Nicole said she wanted a head start so the rest of us talked and stretched for about five minutes.  When we started up we kept it pretty easy, not picking up the pace until near the Bump where we caught Nicole.  Then Peter ramped it up and I stayed with him but JB fell back.  I rode behind Peter but he kept gradually increasing his speed until I finally couldn’t hang near Chainbuster.  My Junction time was 40m48s, not bad at all given the slow start.
We all regrouped at the Junction but JB and Nicole had things to do so only Peter and I went up.  Rick called my cell phone and said he was at the lunch stop of STP – 53 miles by 9:20am.  Then I turned around at Juniper because I had stuff to do too.  Lots and lots of riders on the road today – may have something to do with the Tour de France. 
 Rick called me again later – 140 miles by 3:30pm, his overnight stop.  Tried to convince me to do it next year too.

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