Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Diablo Summit – 25 miles

As I rode up to the place where Nicole was parked, I saw that Amanda was having some mechanical issue. I stopped to adjust her old and crappy cantilever brakes and then the DBC peloton rolled by so I wouldn’t be off the front today, but I figured I could catch most of them if I didn’t start TOO late. Then Leif, Clint, and Adam – the Organic Athlete (OA) team contingent came by and stopped to group up with us. Crossing the line together, it was soon a gruppetto of five including JB and me. We lost JB at the double dips and I pulled off the train near Moss Landing, doing the rest of the ride solo. I did pass a bunch of riders over the next 6 miles but I felt “off” – I think because I had a very salty Mexican lunch and the heat was intensifying the sodium saturation situation. I WON’T be making that mistake again next week… much better to skip lunch all together and then have a Powerbar before the ride.

Coming around Chainbuster I caught up to a group of six that included Tiffany and Cindy from work – they must have had about a ten-minute head start. I said something encouraging and then put my head down to drive my Quantum Pro in for a 39m40s ET. That makes five consecutive sub-40 Wednesdays!

Just a little socializing at the Junction, then the OA3 and I headed up to the Summit. Promises of “andando piano” were quickly forgotten and I shortly exploded out the back and rode another 40 minutes solo and slow for a Summit ET of 80 minutes – even had a bit of a tailwind going up the Wall. Leif brought his digicam and we took a few photos that I’ll post when available.

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